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Ok, so this blog is about baking and life in Ireland...right? Right. But, it's not really a big deal if I digress a little and bit and join in the fun over at
Darcy O'Neil's site for Mixiology Monday?! If it weren't for Chandra at Lick the Spoon I would not have known about this....thanks, Chan!

What a great idea Darcy cocktails! Now, if only Starbucks would get on board with this revolution. An Irish coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Starbucks? Yes, that's me! Now, what to make...what to make....the searching will be half as fun as the drinking.

Being in Ireland, I feel compelled to share the evolution of one of the most popular coffee drinks around: Irish Coffee.

This recipe is said to be born at the Shannon Airport, a small bar run by Joe Sheridan in the Port of Foynes, which is located in County Limerick. It was 1952 when Jack Koeppler, owner of the Buena Vista, nowadays a well known restaurant in San Francisco, read about a hot coffee and whiskey beverage that was tasted in Ireland by Stanton Delaplane, a travel columnist. Koeppler attempted for long time to recreate the magnificent flavour described by Delaplane, but he had no success. He was so intent on making this drink perfectly he travelled to Ireland to confer with Sheridan himself, who gave him the tips needed. He brought back the recipe to SF and the Buena Vista quickly became a sort of institution in town: now it reportedly serves a couple of thousand of the drinks a day to the locals and (mostly) tourists who jam the round oak tables and mahogany bar. You may recognize this joint from the opening scene of the Meg Ryan tearjerker, 'When a Man Loves a Woman.'Mattoni Grand Drink

So, away I go to find a drink to share....

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Anonymous said...

So, I see a trend here. Baking, Ireland and liquor!! Well, done a wonerful job on the blog. I'll try your recipe for dumplings. And you should have called home - I knew what suet was!!
Love ya