ahoy matey!

My sister and brother-in-law just bought their first boat...so naturally, the first thing to do is stock up with goodies to make boat life "easier" (while ingratiating myself to them). Here are a few things I have my eye on for them for their boatwarming....

this'll protect their favorite bottled beverage from heat and impact, it's the six pack tote; BuiltNY

and to keep those drinks nearby, drink caddies

while they're having that chilled Corona...gotta have some chips & dip...insulated chip & dip server

and if it's too sunny...or it (gasp!) rains a portable bimini

now that all the two-legged passengers are taken care of...something for the dog...the Pup-Head , yes it's a place for the favorite family pet to relieve herself while on-board...

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1 comment :

Jen said...

That bottle holder would go down very well here in Oz... I wonder if they sell that here. Great ideas.