Five foods to eat before you die....

Gilly at one of my favorite blogs – Humble Pie – tagged me for “try before you die”….a busy work life has kept me from responding earlier…but it’s been on my mind…so here goes…

...El Salvadorean pupusas: My work at a local non-profit has put me in touch with lots of people from many different countries. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed lots of El Salvadorean food, but pupusas are my favorite. They are a wonderful concoction of corn flour and cheese (or pork). When you bite into one, the cheese is perfectly melted. Be careful, pupusas are addictive! I’ve been lucky enough to sample homemade pupusas hot out of the pan and they’re fabulous.

...Irish Fadge: Many of my weekend mornings in Ireland include fadge which is a potato based bread. Fadge is an integral component of the Ulster Fry (a traditional breakfast of eggs, sausage, ham or bacon, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms and fadge). If you have travelled to Ireland, you may have encountered a potato "farl" which is another type of potato bread that's generally thicker and fluffier than fadge. Fadge is dense and thin and is fried alongside the bacon or ham as it finishes cooking. It's scrumptious.

...Easy meatball appetizer: Ok, lots of people have probably heard of this and tried it...but I only learned about it a few years ago and I love it! Take equal parts of grape jelly and ketchup (spicy ketchup, if you like) and melt them together over low heat until blended. Then, pour the mixture over homemade or prepared meatballs (I usually get them ready-made from Costco). Let the meatballs cook on very low heat ( I usually place them in a Crock-pot on low) and stir occasionally until all meatballs are well coated and have soaked in some of the sauce. This is perhaps the easiest party appetizer and everyone loves them.

...A real Philadelphia hoagie: If you are ever in Philadelphia, get yourself to a hoagie shop and try an Italian hoagie. My family is from Philadelphia and growing up, I spent alot of time in Sea Isle City New Jersey where many Philadelphians vacation. Let's say I've been eating hoagies a long time...and I never fail to indulge in one when I'm in the area. They simply can't be reproduced anywhere else. Other things to try while you are in Philly: a cheesesteak sandwhich, Italian ice and soft pretzels.

...back to El Salvador...again, friends and co-workers have on various occasions made a flan which is out of this world. And it's huge! This flan serves upwards of twenty. It's made with milk, eggs, bread and sugar and has the most delicious caramel taste. If you have the chance to try the flan in an El Salvadorean restaurant, be sure to try it!

Those are my five...I wonder what these blogging friends would have on their list?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! My list is here.

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for tagging me, unfortunately, Jeff beat you to it...
I want to try the "fadge" on your list. Sounds right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! Excellent list!
I hope I get to travel to Ireland someday (to track down my family lineage) and DEFINATELY try some of your fadge!

Sam said...

Mmmm pupusa's sound wonderful! I've had farl but not fadge, sound delicious as well.

Anonymous said...

Gilly just went on hiatus and it seems you have to? So sad! I just found your site, it looks fantastic.

Ari (Baking and Books)