Back In the USA

When you have the opportunity to live in another country for a few months, usually you take it. If the country is Ireland, you jump on it! Well, sadly, my time in Ireland came to an end recently. Because I could spend my time how I wished in Ireland, I indulged myself by starting a blog. Now I'm back in the real world...working alot and moving into a new place. Although not as fun as Ireland was, this new stage of my life is exciting, too.

For the very first time, I am setting up my own kitchen. The building I live was built in the late 50's and it appears the kitchen may have been remodeled once. It's very run-of-the-mill but it'll work just fine for me. I'm looking forward to outfitting it with all my favorite stuff, choosing a color scheme and dedicating a space just for baking (which will be overpowered by "Martha" - the kitchen aid mixer). I'll be taking you with me along the way.

Stay tuned as I renovate my blog, too!

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