Field Trip: Green Spring Gardens

Today was the perfect day to visit Green Spring Gardens.  I went early in the day and was pleasantly surprised to find a mini-orchard...with lots of young fruit on the trees.  I plan to go back every few weeks and capture the growth of the fruit.  I walked through a few of the gardens this morning, but there's still more to explore another day....

Young Bartlett 5 24 08 

A young bartlett pear

Young Macintosh 5 24 08

A young macintosh apple

 Young Anjou 5 24 08

A young anjou pear

 Poppy 5 24 08


 Poppy 2 5 24 08

One more poppy for good measure...

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1 comment :

Rajani said...

hi, my first time to your blog - came to see your lemon olive oil cake but stuck around for more - you're lucky to live near a place of such natural beauty!!! loved your pics!