Fighting Poverty

In my work, I am constantly reminded that one aspect of poverty is nutritional poverty - the lack of sufficient, nutritious food that helps fuel us through every day. One way for children to learn about poverty is through reading (something we should all do more of with our children). Below are some books that you could read with your child to help them learn about poverty and how to fight it:

bone button borscht Bone Button Borscht, story by Aubrey Davis. Ages 5-7

may'naise sandwiches May'naise Sandwiches & Sunshine Tea, story by Sandra Belton. Ages 6-8

uncle willie 2 Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen, story and illustrations by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan. Ages 5-7

And for older children...

KinderKinder Spirits: Children Helping Children in the Fight Against Hunger, by Vicki Hubbard. Ages 9-12

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post. i wish i had kids to read these to! but such a great idea to spread the word.