Chicken and Leek Pie

Looking for the right savory pie recipe for a rainy fall day? You’ve come to the right place.  This pie is all at once filling, comforting and easy to make….
Chicken and Leek Pie 7
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Leeks are grown in sand, so it’s very important to wash them thoroughly prior to using them.  I soak mine in a sink full of water – most of the sand falls to the bottom of the sink.  Then, I rinse them again. 
chicken and leek collage
your kitchen will smell delightful when you begin cooking the ingredients for this pie….
chicken and leek collage 2

you could go with either a red or a white wine with this pie…perfect to eat on the porch on a cool, rainy night or in front of a early autumn fire. 
Chicken and Leek Pie 9

I hope you enjoy!

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nina said...

You have just made up my mind for supper tonight!!! Thanks for sharing!!!