Goodwill pull

Recently I’ve been scouting around local Goodwill stores for unique pieces of serve ware to collect and to use when photographing food.  I really got some good deals today! 

Denby 2

Denby pottery, Castile pattern; great condition – 2 cups, 2 saucers.  Although each piece was marked 99 cents, I bought four pieces and was charged $2.00.  These are going for anywhere between $12.00-$18.00 per set on eBay.

denby 3

another piece of Denby Castile – cereal bowl, 99 cents!

haviland limoges plate 1

 Haviland Limoges ca. 1942-1961; good condition….

haviland limoges plate 2

59 cents! Not sure of it’s value, but a pretty piece.

haviland limoges 1 and my favorite piece…an oblong serving bowl…

haviland limoges 2

again, Haviland Limoges – this one is ca. 1888-1896…I think it originally had a lid, but that is long gone! Really, a steal at $2.99. 

haviland limoges 3

I am told this one could fetch upwards of $100.00. 

I am definitely motivated to continue treasure hunting!

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