Parsnip Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

It’s been a long while since I’ve baked with parsnips – and October seems like the perfect time to get back to them.  Parsnips are an easy substitution for carrots – I’ve always found their slight spiciness reminiscent of ginger. 
parsnip cupcake 2 fin
Sadly, Gourmet magazine just closed up shop - while treasure hunting at the Georgetown Flea Market today, I picked up The Best of Gourmet 1996 which featured the flavors of England, Ireland and Scotland and is the source for the recipe that I slightly adapted. 
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shredded parsnip fin
grated parsnips….
Parsnip Cupcakes fin
There’s really no reason not to grate your own fresh nutmeg…it makes all the difference.
parsnip cupcake batter
ready for the oven…
I hope you’ll give parsnips a try – and if so, come back and tell me about it!
Join Julie over at A Mingling of Tastes for a blog event celebrating Gourmet Magazine!


Anonymous said...

These look yummy - do they taste like spice cake? Love the cream cheese frosting.

Karine said...

I have never baked with parsnip and it sounds interesting! Thanks for Sharing, it looks delicious

Elizabeth said...

Anonymous - they do, yes. Thanks for stopping by!

Karine - thank you - parsnips are really under appreciated, I think. I also really love them roasted with other root vegetables. Hope you enjoy!