Irish Music for St. Patrick’s Day

To me, St. Patrick’s Day is about music…so, I’ll share with you a few of my favorites. Ok, so maybe I’m sipping a Bailey’s while I put this together…it’s about the drink, too.

Great song – love to hear Ronnie Drew singing….

Geordie Hanna lived near my relations in County Tyrone…in the clip below, he sings in a traditional style (unaccompanied)…stick with it, this is a classic.  His sister, Sara Anne O’Neill, also a traditional singer, was interviewed about her singing quite a few years ago.  There’s great craic in the end of her video with music and dancing.  

I never knew about Christy Moore until I began spending a lot of time in northern Ireland – this is one of my favorites of his along with another called Reel in the Flickering Light.


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