Brown Butter Flapjacks

I’m conflicted about whether I should thank Marks & Spencer for bringing the British flapjack into my life or curse them. I travel to Ireland several times a year and I always look forward to hitting up the Armagh and/or Cookstown M&S Simply Food shops when there.  Although these shops are small, they stock a seemingly endless supply of really great food of which flapjacks are only one variety. It is physically impossible for me to walk into one of these shops and not purchase at least one (sometimes more) flapjacks. So, naturally, once back home, I had to try and make flapjacks myself. Cause I need the calories (ahem).
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the finished product…read on for some tips…
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In order to give my flapjacks a bit of a nutty undertone, I chose to brown the butter.  If you’ve never browned butter, it’s pretty easy.  Just place unsalted butter in a pan (not one with a dark bottom as you’ll need to see the color of the butter).  Cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes.  It will foam at first, and then pretty quickly turn brown.  In order to stop the cooking, it’s best to have a sink full of cold water into which you can place the pan immediately after removing from the burner (be careful!). 
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I found my Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Wegman’s.
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Once the butter mixture is added to the oats, it’s just one more easy step.
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I’m really happy with the flavor of these flapjacks although they are much crunchier than I would like.  The recipe called for baking 25 minutes, which I knew would be too long for soft flapjacks.  I baked mine for about 17 minutes and will reduce that time even further with the next batch.  Definitely worth making again!

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Charlotte said...

Mmm, these look absolutely delicious! So simple, yet so tasty! My coursemate ate a flapjack for breakfast in uni this morning, so I instantly had to look for recipes online :-P