Bailey's Cream Pots

Yes, today is St. Valentine's day, but for some of us today could just as easily be labeled "30 Days 'til St. Patrick's Day."   With one month left 'til the big day, I decided to try my hand at another recipe featuring Bailey's Irish Cream.  A few years ago, I featured Bailey's Irish Cream Brownies and since that time, it is the most visited recipe on my site.  Today's recipe could give those brownies a run for the money. 

The recipe for Bailey's Cream Pots comes from Kevin Dundon, owner of the Dunbrody House Hotel in Co. Wexford, Ireland.  I haven't been to the hotel or the restaurant, The Harvest Room, but it looks gorgeous and it's on the "must visit" list.

Although I would have liked to make the shortbread biscuits to go along with the cream pots as the recipe suggests, I only had time today to make one component..hard choice, but I went with the cream pots.  You can understand, right?

Find the recipe here: Kevin Dundon's Bailey's Cream Pots 

Although the recipe makes four 7 ounce desserts, after the licking of of the whisk, spatula, sides of the bowl, etc., I'll be lucky if I get 3 pots. 

Yea, that didn't make it into the pots.

Nearly there. Best part of this dessert: no cooking!

Yea...this is gonna make it past the rigorous pre-St. Patrick's Day dessert testing process.  This is divine...really.  It's rich and smooth - and the little kick of the Bailey's hits you just after you swallow and before you reach for that next spoonful.  

I'll be making the biscuits next time...I imagine the crunch of the biscuits plays well off the smoothness of the cream.  

Treat yourself to some Bailey's and while you're at it, make this scrumptious dessert...let me know how you get on!


Aebhlin said...

Can you bring these over to my house, sis?? They look awesome!

Lesa said...

Your link to the brownies doesn't work.

Elizabeth said...

Lesa - I actually was just sprucing up that post. If you try the link again, it should work now. Thanks for letting me know.