New-to-me Band

A friend at work introduced me to some really good music today. The band is called Craobh Rua and if you're reading this from Ireland, you may already know their music.  My American readers may not have heard of Craobh Rua, but if you  like traditional Irish music, take a listen.  One of the members of the band, Brian Connolly, is known as one of the best banjo players in the world.  I'll share two videos with you...the first is from a traditional session. 

Next, a video which looks like it was filmed at a house party.  Band member Jim Rainey with a cover of  Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".  It's one of the best covers of the song I've heard.

Good stuff. I know I'll be listening more!

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Megan @ IrishJaunt said...

Fantastic share, thanks! Nothing like a good bit of midday trad!