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Grab some tea & stay a while….


Have you spent any time on Pinterest yet? It’s quite addictive. I like the ability to visually bookmark all of unique things in one place. And see what others have collected as well.  Here are a few of my pins from the last month…

  • the desk and d├ęcor I’d like to have in the bedroom of my new apartment
  • my favorite, recent photo of dogs
  • I hope to make it her e during my September trip to Ireland – on a photograph worthy day
  • I want one of these, but haven’t been able to track one down on Ebay yet
  • thinking of re-potting my small kitchen herb garden into cans with these labels
  • I had these as a child – am so tempted to buy them
  • I might have a new addiction: seahorses

If you’re on Pinterest, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for your boards. If you’d like to follow my boards, just look for Wee Kitchen. 

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