Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

Today I'll be attending the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show today at the DC Convention center! Here's what I'll be up to in the morning....
  • A cooking demonstration by Mary Beth Albright (Food Network Star Season 7 Finalist) at the National Beef Cook-off where there'll also be an appearance by Jer's Chocolate founder, Jerry Swain
  • Then it's off to see Guy Fieri
  • Next will be a presentation by Creative Catalyst & CEO, CherylStyle. At the end of our tour, we'll be back at the National Beef Cook-off Stage where I'll get to see the national winner announced!
If I am really, really lucky, I may get a glimpse of the chef I'd most like to meet, Jacques Pepin. Wish me LUCK! 

I'll be live tweeting, so if you'd like to follow along, I'm @weekitchen on twitter! As soon as I have a hashtag for the event, I'll use that on twitter as well! 

Hope you'll come along with me!