Irish travels

I'm in Ireland again and so happy (and fortunate) to be here. I've been here just a few days and I've been for some good walks, have visited a few friends, have relaxed and of course had some great food.

Below are a few photos I've taken so far. These were all taken & edited with my iPhone.

First photo: this was taken on a walk around the Black Lake in Dungannon

Second photo: a few of the local neighbors

Third photo: a horse along the Coalisland canal walk. We were closer to the Derrytresk end of the walk in this photo.

Fourth photo: the River Blackwater taken at the Argory.

Fifth photo: we took in a local Gaelic football match - Derrytresk v Eiscreagh which was played just down the road from us. It was a hard fought match, but ended in a draw. Before the match we fortified ourselves with a bit of Guinness in the club.

Over the weekend, we'll be going to Inishowen in Donegal for Inishfood. It's sure to be a good looking forward to it.

Hope you'll come again!