ALT Summit Channel Free Classes

Ok, you've heard of the annual Altitude Design Summit, right? Well, it's never been something I've really been able to even think about attending as I'm usually in Ireland when it's held every January. But I've read various recaps from other bloggers and it always sounded so interesting to me.

Well, now thanks to Bing, ALT Summit Channel is offering free classes. I'm so excited to tip my toes a bit into this, soak up some great information and get the creative juices flowing.

I'm hoping to take Growing Readership with Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely (which I've been reading since her before her baby Eleanor was born!) and Graphic Design for Bloggers with Karen Smithwick.  What an opportunity! If you'd like to learn more about how you can earn free classes, too, just go here.


Bc713 said...

I came here looking for your black currant jam recipe and was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional photography!  Please tell me what kind of camera/lenses you use? it digital?  Thanks for the great site!

aelish said...

 hi there and thank you for the lovely compliment! Most of the photographs were taken with my PentaxK10D (a digital SLR). I typically use a 50mm prime lens (my favorite). One or two of my posts were exclusively shot with my iPhone (for example, the Rhubarb & Sloe Gin Mess post).  I hope you'll come back and let me know how the Black Currant jam turned out...!