Bits & Pieces: A quote I like

The quote in the photograph describes sort of felt like this all week...and I'm not really sure why.  Sometimes I "regroup" by taking photographs & playing around while editing them. Thought I'd share this one with you in case you're having that kind of day or week, too. 

In case  you're wondering what's in the mug on the right, I've planted some wheat grass there for my cat, Murphy. It should sprout in a few days...he'll be a happy camper to have something to nibble on. The "mug" is actually a planter that I bought at the awesome  Garden Ridge in Charlotte a few weeks ago. That place is insanely awesome.

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Ilke Mcaliley said...

Next time, we are meeting in Charlotte and going to Garden Ridge together! And I know how you feel. I have been wanting to stay under covers for a while now. Waiting for my "energy" or motivation to come back. I just know this is not me and I dont like this sluggish, moody person.
When are you coming back here?