Got Ireland + a Guest Post

Soon after Liam over at Got Ireland started blogging, his site quickly became became a must read for me. If you haven’t visited and are interested in learning about Ireland, you must wander on over! He’s got a wealth of useful and engaging posts (he also gives away some brilliant stuff!). 

And this week, Liam’s asked me to add to that material by guest posting! I’ve shared an Irish inspired recipe for Almond, Walnut & Cherry Bars (sometimes called a “tray bake” in Ireland). The recipe is known as Poor Man’s Florentines in some circles. Hope you’ll take the leap and head on over to Got Ireland to read more!

Thanks, Liam, for your Irish hospitality!


Tamara said...

These look so goooood!! 

aelish said...

Tamara...they really are very tasty for such a simple recipe. 

Aebhlin said...

I can attest to their deliciousness!

Anonymous said...

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