Irish Journey

Luckily enough, I'm off to Ireland again. The internet is spotty for me while there, but if you're interested in seeing what I'm up to (got some good things planned including some epic baking!), look me up on twitter (@weekitchen) or Instagram (@weekitchen) where I'll try to post regularly. I hope to post here as well, but that will be less frequent.
I hope that you will come again!

photograph by Elizabeth McNally


Mairead said...

Have a wonderful time in Ireland, Elizabeth.  Wish I could be there too.   

aelish said...

thanks so much, Mairead...I really do feel fortunate to be able to go. Are you on Instagram? Or twitter?  

Wholesome Ireland said...

Have a great time E & fingers crossed you might sneak in a visit to Wicklow on Sat. ;-)