Maple, Walnut, & Parsnip Bread

Before I traveled to Ireland, I don't recall having ever eaten parsnips. I'd heard of them, yes, but hadn't ever eaten one. Oh, what I had been missing.

Cousin of the carrot, parsnips are delectable roasted (which is how I first ate them). But they lend themselves to so much more. I picked up a few recently at the FreshFarm Market in DC and made this tasty bread from them.

close up photograph of the top of a loaf of maple, walnut, and parsnip bread It's not the first time I've combined parsnip and maple, and likely not the last. It's just such a winning combination.
close up photographs of while parsnips and chopped parsnips a photogrpah of maple, walnut, and parsnip bread, sliced Printable recipe

I sampled a bit of this bread with my coffee this morning and it was delicious. I'm sure this'll go well with tea, too. Let me know if you try this out & I hope that you will come again!


Imen McDonnell said...

Lovely Elizabeth! How uncanny...did you see the new Irish Countrywomen's Assoc cookbook? I had never heard of using parsnip in a sweet cake before.....ooooh the walnut sounds divine too! xx

aelish said...

Thanks, Imen! I haven't seen it, no...but would love to get my hands on a copy. Think I'll order myself one & collect it on my next trip over. Yes...they can pretty much stand in for carrots in any cake/sweet recipe. I made parsnip cupcakes a few years back & iced them with a maple cream they say in Ireland, deadly!