Rhubarb, Sloe Gin & Hazelnut Tart

As I've mentioned before, when I go to Ireland, I love to bake. It's an ideal way for me to relax - but it's also an opportunity to use high quality ingredients.  Several weeks (sometimes months) before I travel, I begin researching recipes that will allow me to use produce that I know will be in season or ingredients that are otherwise special or unique - ingredients that are not always easily accessible to me at home in the U.S.

Back in August, Deb from Smitten Kitchen posted a recipe that utilizes plums which I knew would be in season during my September trip to Ireland, so bookmarked it was. Keep reading and you'll see how I adapted the recipe to utilize two other ingredients, rhubarb and sloe gin.

close up of a hazelnut and plum tart in a springform pan
Plum and Hazelnut Crumb tart รก la Smitten Kitchen
I started by making Deb's recipe for the plum tart. It was - as anticipated - to die for.  A few days later, himself declared that there was some rhubarb in the garden which he wanted to use. So, thinking back to the brilliant Nigel Slater Eton mess recipe I made earlier this year which combined rhubarb with sloe gin, I decided I'd make yet another tart and replace the plums.
rhubarb stalks on a cutting board and a bottle of sloe gin
home grown rhubarb & home made sloe gin
Out to the garden we went to bring in the rhubarb. Then, I hunted down the sloe gin in the liquor cabinet. There may be a few drops left in the bottle, but I've asked for more to be made this autumn so that we can have it at Christmas...so, I'll be seeking out more recipes! 

hazelnut crust crumbs in a springform pan and roasted hazelnuts
the hazelnut crust is extremely easy to make
Note: I knew this recipe was meant for me to make when I realized that I didn't have a spring form pan in the house, decided to go to Sainsbury's and look for one and lo & behold it was on sale that week - half off! The stars were aligning.
rhubarb & sloe gin tart filling and plum tart filling
Both versions of this tart are delicious. I actually preferred the texture of the rhubarb tart. Although the plums were firm and ripe, the rhubarb actually seemed to benefit more from cooking in the custard filling. But honestly, they're both very tasty.
Printable recipe for Rhubarb, Sloe Gin & Hazelnut Tart
close up of a hazlenut and plum tart in a baking pan
Enjoy & be sure to come again!


Ilke Mcaliley said...

You said hazelnut and got my whole attention! Don't you love it when something you need is on sale?:)
When are you coming to Pineville again?

Angela1965 said...

I love your blog! You should totally post some of your stuff on FlauntMyFood.com

My friends and I use it all the time to find random food blog stuff.  Anywho, cool site!