Potato Scones with Nutmeg

One of my first memories of potatoes in Ireland is not how they tasted, but rather their variety. Having grown up referring to potatoes as simply "boiling potatoes" or "baking potatoes", Ireland was a new world which included colorful names like "Dublin Queens", "Kerr's Pinks (or just "Pinks"), and "Maris Pipers". Not only did Ireland have more types of potatoes, but they had much more interesting names for them, too.

Needless to say, potatoes are a staple food in Ireland. And the Irish like their variety. In fact, Ireland was also the first place I consistently experienced the serving of two - yes, two - types of potatoes with roasts. Often it was "roasties" and boiled potatoes. But champ would sometimes make an appearance as well. In short, one type of potatoes with simply not enough.

The question soon becomes, what to do with all these leftover potatoes? Well, I've described a few ideas here before, but today I share a simple but hearty use for leftover mashed potatoes. Potato scones.

If you've never grated butter before, you must try it. Not only is it fun to do and amazing to look at, it's one of the easiest ways to ensure the butter is evenly incorporated into the flour mixture.
I've adapted this recipe from versions featured in the Irish Countrywomen's Association Cookbook and on The Daily Spud.

I served my scones with fried apples and found it to be delightful. Apples and potatoes are a match made in heaven. I hope you'll give these a try!

Photographs and styling by Elizabeth McNally 2013.


Marie said...

They look delicious! I bet they'd be great with mango chutney.

Purabi Naha said...

How wonderful and simple this breakfast idea is! I loved your photography and the recipe is truly a keeper!! http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.in

aelish said...

Thanks, Marie...I never thought of mango chutney, but it does sound tasty! 

aelish said...


Elizabeth Holder said...

Just found your blog - and you are so right - I was really confused last week in SuperValue trying to figure out which potato to get - I didn't realize there were so many variety's i had to google them to see which ones were for what!!! It was funny - Starting to settle in - it's a bit difficult trying to convert some receipes over here with american measuring cups LOL!!