Celebrating Ireland Every Day

Although I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day, a little bit of me celebrates Ireland every day.

Thank you to all who have influenced my love of Ireland starting with my grandparents & mother who began taking me there more than twenty years ago to the generous and loving people I've come to know during my travels and time spent there to the recent friends I've made through Instagram.

the Irish countryside, Derrytresk, Derryavena, and the Derrytresk Irish football team
Ireland and its people are captivating - I hope to spend many more happy times there celebrating all there is in this beautiful place.

If this is your first visit to Wee Kitchen, fáilte!


Jen said...

I've NEVER been to Ireland, but that doesn't stop me from having a small love affair with it anyway. I cannot WAIT to go there one day!!!!

Val (magnumlady) said...

Lovely photos

aelish said...

thanks, Val...!

aelish said...

Thanks for your visit, Jen! Hopefully, through this blog, I can bring a little of Ireland to YOU!

sanjay kumar said...

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