Seoda {Gems for March 2013}

Maybe you're thinking I've changed the focus of my blog to jewelry. Well, actually, I'm adding a new (hopefully monthly) feature in which I'll share a few seoda I've come across. Seoda is the Irish word for "jewel" or "gem", these are the gems I've found over the past few weeks. You'll see these gems range from simply pretty things that inspire me do to a little crafting to practical resources that I've used to style this post.

Mike Browne's You Tube Channel

Do you ever stumble upon a resource and then realize it's even more awesome because there's a whole catalog to catch up on? Cue Mike Browne for me...maybe I'm late to the party, but I'm going to really enjoy making my way through this library. Mike's videos are engaging, straight to the point, and full of real world examples. If you're into photography and you're looking for quality tutorials, check these out.

Marie's tech tutorials on Code it Pretty

Marie is a tech tutorial maven. See the fancy pants font headings for I've got now? Marie taught me how to do that. Check out her clear, easy-to-follow tutorials. Find her on Twitter @CodeItPretty.

B. Makowsky handbags

Ever since I accidentally discovered B. Makowsky handbags three years ago, I've been a convert. I own only these handbags now - three to be exact. I absolutely love how well constructed they are; they hold up extremely well. Now I've got my eye on this little green number.

Glitter + peonies

I'd love to make one of these glitter vases before peony season.

Circa 1830 Farm in Virginia horse country

Lovely post on a new-to-me blog, Horse Country Chic

Beet "tartare" recipe

on Saveur | Yes, you read that right - beet tartare. I can see myself making this on my next trip to Ireland for the beet lovers (there are many!)

How to be A Better Food Blogger

What an opportunity to watch a free video made by some real talents in the food world - Dianne Jacobson, David Leite, Holly Hughes, and Chef Dennis Littley. Well worth the time.

The Murmuring Cottage

Instant cozy. I'm pleased that a few of my photographs have been featured! I hope you enjoyed my seoda!

If you've found new gems lately, please share in the comments!

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