{Getting Technical} Update your RSS Feed Reader Soon!

I normally don't post about such technical things, but on July 1, Google Reader will be retired. If you don't use Google Reader, no worries for you! If you do use Google Reader to subscribe to this blog (I know there are a few of you out there!) and/or other sites, now's the time to migrate your feeds to another service.

I've already researched this for myself and have migrated my feeds already - to Feedly. Feedly runs on all the major Web browsers and is also available through apps on the iPhone, the iPad and Android devices. Feedly makes it very simple to transfer your feeds from Reader - no third party steps are required and with Feedly, you use your Google login (rather than creating a separate Feedly login). Easy! And, if you had your feeds categorized into folders, they remain intact.

A break for something pretty...

ranunculus in a vintage dish

So, head on over to Feedly and get your feeds sorted out! Of course, you can also register to receive e-mail updates. Either way, I hope you'll stay connected with Wee Kitchen! Thank you for visiting...

Come again!

Photograph by Elizabeth McNally

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