Rhubarb Butter Recipe

I'm back with - yes - more rhubarb. But this time, I'm thinking ahead to the winter holidays. While the rhubarb & hazelnut tart or crumble would be delicious right about now, I can't bear the thought of firing up the oven...and I'm fresh out of sloe gin for rhubarb & sloe gin mess. So, I bring you rhubarb butter. Canned and waiting for the holidays.
two jars of canned rhubarb butter, rhubarb recipe

4 cups of chopped rhubarb yielded just two, half-pint jars.
a measuring cup full of chopped rhubarb
I love the color of rhubarb almost as much as that of blackberries. It's just beautiful to cook with.
rhubarb butter on a wooden spoon and recipe
The recipe comes from Marisa at Food in Jars and is so easy that I can see myself making more. And perhaps playing with flavorings a bit - I'm thinking of adding vanilla bean in the next batch, for example.
two jars of rhubarb butter with a holiday gift tag and ribbon
One of these jars could be appropriated - this looks too delicious not to try on some homemade wheaten bread or swirled through yogurt. Notice I haven't put the label on yet, right?

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