A Wetland Walk + Other Shareables

I decided to take a few minutes late this afternoon to check out the wetland preserve near my house...it's been so long since I took photos (or baked for that matter)! Here are few from my walk. Followed by some "shareables".
I first noticed the plant on the left last autumn...it's called a Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine. I like to call it Nature's Twinkle Lights.
and more Porcelain berries...they're just so photogenic!

Other shareables...

  • Irish Fireside won the Best Blog of the Irish Diaspora at the Blog Awards Ireland recently. Congratulations Corey + Liam...what an outstanding accomplishment! And what a great group of nominees to have been included with... Carolanne's Kitchen, Cuisine Genie, Got Ireland, and Kate Katharina. Roll on next year! 
  • The Splendid Table takes the confusion out of selecting the best apple for your recipe. Check it out
  • Have you watched Ricky Gervais' Derek? I might be in love with this show. If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix (I also saw it on You Tube). It's funny, heartwarming, and brilliant. 
  • Fascinating photo story of 34 grandmothers from around the world and what they cook.
  • I will be making this. Soon. 
  • Although my birthday is still four months away, it's never to soon to be checking out birthday cake candidates. Not to buy, but to bake. Here's my swoon-of-the-moment cake.  

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