A Springtime Stroll

Over St. Patrick's weekend, I did a little baking, but it was also a good time for get out for a bit of a dander. Or, as we'd call it here in the States, a stroll. I took these photographs at Green Spring Gardens—a favorite place of mine to visit in the spring.

I'll be back in the kitchen this weekend baking up something to share...in the meantime, hope you're enjoying springtime where you are. 

Come again...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, the day has arrived! I hope you're having a fantastic, Irish-inspired day. I've got a few little tidbits to share with you to mark the day...

I love putting together my iPhone photos into short slideshows...this one's just for today:

Over at Eat Boutique, I've shared a favorite recipe—a tea bread perfect for making and sharing today. It's a straightforward recipe...you likely have the ingredients on hand!

Lastly, I'm excited to announce that a photograph of mine will be part of two exhibitions in Ireland this spring! I won't be able to attend both events, but am hoping to make at least one. I was so pleased to be selected as I know there were more than a thousand entrants. Wow!

Happiest of St. Patrick's Days to you!

14 Irish Sites to Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are fourteen places on the internet where you can soak in the Irish culture:

♥ For comic relief, my go to is Tyrone Tribulations. Super local, and super hilarious, I look forward to daily posts on this site. 

♥ US based Irish Fireside is a fantastic site covering all aspects of Ireland -- culture + customs, travel planning, and creative ways to connect like the Pen Pal project. Corey and Liam have built a vibrant online community worth visiting (and re-visiting!). 

♥ Also US based, Got Ireland, features photos of Ireland, Irish recipes, travel tips, free music, and more Irish-ness. Liam does a fabulous job of promoting Irish tourism fostering a sense of community. 

♥ Imen McDonnell's site, Farmette, is a haven of Irish country cooking. Heartfelt writing paired with beautifully styled photographs and unique recipes make this site a place I visit often. Imen's currently writing a food memoir - I know it'll be high on my list to purchase next year. 

♥ Evan's site, Gourmet Dough, is just under a year old, but has already won accolades as the Best Youth Blog at the 2013 Irish Blog Awards. Not only is Evan's site engaging, but his recipes are carefully photographed and written making them easy to follow.  

City of Blackbirds - Eadaoin's site - is one of my favorite photography blogs. Eadaoin has such a talent for capturing light that I'm consistently in awe of her photographs. Visiting her site always inspires me. 

♥ Visiting Nessa's Family Kitchen truly is like walking into Nessa's own kitchen! The combination of her writing, photography, recipes, and peeks into her family's life make you feel as though you're in her kitchen chatting over a cup of tea. Irish hospitality at its finest!   

Radio Coalisland is community-run online radio station. Founded and run by Oliver Corr (also an accomplished photographer), Radio Coalisland brings listeners not only music, but also interviews with residents about local history, upcoming events, and other items of interest. When I travel to Ireland, I spend most of my time in an area very close to Coalisland, so being able to listen while I'm in the US makes me feel a little closer and more connected.  

In the realm of Instagram, where I spend a bit of time, here are just a few of the amazing folks sharing photographs of Ireland: 

@heyweegirl   ♥ @ga11mck   ♥ @helenlouise_47   ♥ @marielodouglas  ♥ @redrobinred  ♥

This is really just the beginning of what's out there if you're interested in Ireland (like me!). If there are others you'd like to share, feel free to add them in the comments! 

Come again!