Oatmeal Cake with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting

When I'm in Ireland, I'm always amazed at the ease with which my hosts are able to pull together great meals and other nibbles from the most humble of every day ingredients. What it really comes down to is their great skill not only in pairing ingredients but also in selecting (or growing themselves) the freshest, highest quality foods.

This cake so reminds me of something my friend Patricia would bake herself or her sisters - also amazing cooks - would serve with a cup of tea. It's comprised of a true Irish staple: oats. I've chosen to share this recipe today not only in honor of St. Patrick's Day, but also in honor of the wonderful meals I've had at the many homes I've visited including Patricia's and others in and around Coalisland and Derrytresk, Co. Tyrone.  

Printable recipe

Although many oatmeal cake recipes call for a simpler frosting - one that perhaps is heated and seeps into the cake while still warm - I found this cake to be plenty moist and therefore decided I'd try something a little fancier for the frosting that featured Bailey's Irish Cream.And the flavor or the Bailey's works well with that of the oatmeal.

I hope to one day make this for my friends in Ireland.

Come again!